• Solid Rider 2

    Solid Rider 2

    Racing Games

    Play Solid Rider 2 at Gupp.com
  • Crazy Racers

    Crazy Racers

    Racing Games

    Whoever said that one needs a fancy and fast car to get in a race didn't know these guys, who became inspired by the Nascar racing competitions and now will use their tractors, gambling their chickens and pig creations to prove their courage. Step on the accelerator, break a few things and make sure you will cross it first.
  • Rollercoaster Rush

    Rollercoaster Rush

    Racing Games

    As in any other amusement park, people go there to have a lot of fun and find the adrenaline experience they can't have locked inside their houses. That said, make sure your clients will have a good time at your roller coaster, then they will be telling their friends and your establishment will become truly famous.
  • The Flintstones Race

    The Flintstones Race

    Racing Games

    During the Stone Age, people already had cars to drive and could cover a bigger distance sitting. They had no fuel and only their feet to move the whole vehicle, which wasn't such a great advantage. However, it was a good addition for your status and Fred wants to learn how to guide one of those.
  • Ben10 Armored Attack

    Ben10 Armored Attack

    Racing Games

    Ben 10 is used to fight against his enemies as an alien, using his Omnitrix to become powerful and change his little human body. Today, however, he is overexcited with his new armored vehicle and wants to try its great lasers against the invaders, without even trying to become bigger or with two extra arms.
  • Gotham Streets

    Gotham Streets

    Racing Games

    Batman had a lot of hard work to put dozens of criminals in Gotham City's prison, but apparently some villain isn't afraid of him and attacked the place, letting all of them escape to their freedom. Now the Dark Knight must chase every single one of them and knock them down, for the police will be right behind him waiting for the opportunity to take them back. Deal with them and with their rescuers to prevent this from happening again.
  • Dead Paradise 2

    Dead Paradise 2

    Racing Games

    The world is completely taken by zombies, but after some time they started to die, this time for sure, due to the lack of food since they wouldn't eat their fellows who were already undeads. That doesn't mean that everything is peaceful, since now there is no government all the groups are fighting to keep their survivors alive and rule over the other new tribes. With a vehicle, shoot them all down and make sure your group will be the last one standing.
  • Truck Monsters

    Truck Monsters

    Racing Games

    Extincted way before the dinosaurs and without a single trace of their fossils to prove that, monsters used to populate our planet, or at least that is what the environment of this game proves. They were intelligent, had a language of their own and even knew how to develop fun competitions between themselves, only not for money, they were mostly worried about getting food since there wasn't cannibalism there. Pick your favorite and step on the accelerator to win it.
  • Dinosaur Truck

    Dinosaur Truck

    Racing Games

    After the Jurassic Park project didn't work out and the dinosaurs managed to conquer the whole island for them, scientists are back with an army to collect all the eggs and freeze them, also to destroy the remaining giant lizards before they manage to procreate more, when the main goal was to only create female versions to avoid this bad situation. With an armed car, it's time to kill them all with shots and deliver the dinosaur eggs in safety.
  • Run Jerry Run!

    Run Jerry Run!

    Racing Games

    Jerry usually waits for the cat to be sleeping before sneaking out of his hole and robbing a piece or two of cheese from the fridge. He was almost getting back to his house when he noticed Tom was there, waiting for him. He started to run away to find another of his many doors, but now his enemy is right behind him and he can't stop, otherwise he will be caught and his days as a rat will be over.
  • Angry Birds Race

    Angry Birds Race

    Racing Games

    Angry Birds Race is a racing game in which you will race with other opponents in a racing match. You can earn points by collecting coins in each level. There are a few goals you must accomplish in every level, for example, score at least 125,000 points, fly 300 m in one jump and etc. You can race as any of your favorite character such as Red, Chuck, and Moustache Pig. You can hit your opponents and throw them to the side to overtake the winning position. The game features race tracks in the air and on the surface. You can test your racing skill by switching to different game modes including Race, Fruit Splat, Versus Mode and etc.
  • Paintball Racers

    Paintball Racers

    Racing Games

    Paintball Racers is a paint ball car racing game. Your racing car and the opponent racing cars are equipped with paintballs. You can shoot paint balls at the opponent cars to slow them down in the race so that you can overtake them. You can collect gold coins on the race track. The gold coins can be used to purchase ammo, turbo, speed and life. You can also pick up bombs on the race track. You must be careful not to let the opponents hit you with paintball. When racing on hills, you must drive carefully so that the car won’t topple over.
  • Monster Ride Hd

    Monster Ride Hd

    Racing Games

    Driving skills are some skills that you need daily. Even when driving a monster truck on your computer. Use the accumulated driving skills and try to drive the monster truck as best as you can. Collect all the golden coins and have real fun while driving this cool monster truck.
  • Smash And Dash 2

    Smash And Dash 2

    Racing Games

    Use your rocket motor to power up your car and make sure you will finish each level before the time runs out. You can collect different bonuses on your way: points and time increasing bonuses. Have fun!
  • Upstream Kayak

    Upstream Kayak

    Racing Games

    Try to do your best while driving your kayak. It take lots of skills in order to be able to master this crazy boat on rough waters. Collect all the fruits and use the tricks you learned to earn even more points. Good luck!
  • Extreme Skater

    Extreme Skater

    Racing Games

    Do you like skating? So do I. Let's play together a nice skating game. You have to make sure you use the arrow keys properly in order to keep your balance while you are up in the air with your skateboard. Collect all the coins you encounter and make sure you will not fall. Have fun!
  • Brave Boy

    Brave Boy

    Racing Games

    Drive your bicycle as good as you can, earn more and more money and buy upgrades. Try to beat the opponents such as dogs, bullies and boxes. As long as you have a high speed, your money from the current level will increase. Have fun driving your bike!
  • Ben 10 Stunt Mania

    Ben 10 Stunt Mania

    Racing Games

    Ben 10 has a new bike and he wants to perform different stunts with it. Help Ben perform crazy stunts by pressing the 1 to 4 keys. While you are up in the air press the designated keys and make sure you will not land your bike upside down, or you will loose. Have fun riding the bike.
  • Hot Rod Racing

    Hot Rod Racing

    Racing Games

    Try to use all the money you have wisely. Your car will need better and better handling, bigger tiers, a more powerful engine. This is what you need if you want to succeed. Try to drive as best as you can and make sure you will be the first one to reach the finish line. Good luck!
  • Car Eats Car 2

    Car Eats Car 2

    Racing Games

    This time your enemy are the cars. Your mission while driving this cute car is to escape... other cars. Make sure you collect as much bonuses as possible and that you reach the finish line in one piece, before the enemies get you. Good luck!
  • Uphill Rush 2

    Uphill Rush 2

    Racing Games

    Choose the level of your expertise: easy, moderate or hard and let the fun begin. Collect all the coins available in the game and make sure you perform as many stunts as possible, without crushing. Press the 1 to 4 keys to perform stunts. Have fun!
  • Dirt Showdown

    Dirt Showdown

    Racing Games

    Choose your favorite track, your favorite ride and let the race begin. Make sure you negotiate the turns as best as you can in order not to ruin the car. Your mission is to be the first one to reach the finish line. Have fun racing.
  • Rally Expedition 3D

    Rally Expedition 3D

    Racing Games

    Use your driving skills and make sure you will be the first one to reach the finish line while playing this cool 3D racing game. Use the arrow keys to steer your car, collect speed points and make sure the opponents will get to the finish line long after your arrival. Have fun driving!
  • Asphalt Kings

    Asphalt Kings

    Racing Games

    Driving skills are a must. If you want to be the next Asphalt King then you have to have some driving skills. Do not worry, even if you are not a professional driver, your driving skills will improve over time. Have fun playing this cool car racing game!
  • Wicked Rider

    Wicked Rider

    Racing Games

    Wicked rider and a wicked ride. Try to collect as many N nitro signs as possible in order to be able to defeat your racing opponents. Drive the bike as best as you can and try to reach the finish line before they do. Have fun riding the bike.
  • Motocross Unleashed 3D

    Motocross Unleashed 3D

    Racing Games

    3D Motocross games are back! Use your driving skills, try to drive the motocross bike as best as you can and make sure no one gets to the finish line before you do. Straight road or lots of curves, try to drive your bike as best as you can and have some fun!
  • Fury of Titans

    Fury of Titans

    Racing Games

    Nice jeeps are racing today. Fortunately, you are driving one of them. Make sure you drive it as best as you can. Try to negotiate the turns as best as you can in order not to loose your speed. If you want more boost, hold down the Z key while turning. It will make you drift. Then press the X key to boost.
  • Fever For Speed

    Fever For Speed

    Racing Games

    Speed has always been a way of life. Try to drive your super car as best as you can. Make sure you will not crush the car. Other cars might be on the road and you have to make sure you will not touch them. Have fun driving your super car on the highway.
  • Ben 10 Racing

    Ben 10 Racing

    Racing Games

    Choose your level of driving and help Ben 10 complete all the missions he is assigned. Choose the controls you want to use: the keyboard or the mouse and start playing. Try to drive your car as best as you can and make sure no opponent reaches the finish line before Ben's car does. Good luck!
  • Extreme Trucks 3 Asia

    Extreme Trucks 3 Asia

    Racing Games

    Did you ever want to drive an extreme truck? The one with huge wheels and super handling mode? Now it is your change to have some real fun behind an extreme truck's wheel. Use your arrow keys to drive the truck. You have to make sure you will not turn upside down because you will crush. Have fun driving the truck!
  • Killer Trucks

    Killer Trucks

    Racing Games

    Choose your favorite police truck and start the game! Use the arrow keys to drive it. Your goal is to defeat as many humans as possible. While doing this, make sure you police truck is not wrecked or turned upside down, because you will lose and you will have to start all over again.
  • Barbie Car

    Barbie Car

    Racing Games

    Barbie has just received a new car as a gift and she has invited you for a ride with her new pink car. Help her drive as best as you can. Collect all the pink bonuses you will find on the road and try not to let the car turn upside down.
  • Nascar Racing

    Nascar Racing

    Racing Games

    Career, single race or time trial, the amount of fun is the same while you play this cool racing game online. Choose the easy mode if you are a beginner, the medium mode if you have played racing games before, or the most difficult mode if you are a racing star. Press the X key for some nitro and let the fun begin.
  • Extreme 4x4 Racer

    Extreme 4x4 Racer

    Racing Games

    Tune up your racing vehicle with alloy rims, some body painting and you are good to go. The race is awaiting. All you have to do is to jump over the obstacles and make sure you will not destroy your car during the process. Try to collect all the golden coins for extra points.
  • Nascar Racing 3

    Nascar Racing 3

    Racing Games

    3D driving has always been a fun way to spend your spare time. Use the arrow keys to drive the car while playing this cool 3D car racing game. Race the fastest cars and have lots of fun behind the steering wheel.

  • Spiderman Rush 2

    Spiderman Rush 2

    Racing Games

    Green Goblin is in town again. Use your skills and try to to help Spider man save the day again. This time Spider man rides a bike and you have to make sure you will ride faster the Green Goblin is flying. Make sure you collect all the bonuses on your way and do not forget to have fun while driving the bike with Spiderman.

  • FBI Chase 2

    FBI Chase 2

    Racing Games

    FBI Chase 2 will put you behind the police steering wheel. Your mission is a typical FBI mission: you have to catch the terrorists that are running the streets. Use the arrow keys to drive the police car and try to catch and destroy the terrorist cars.

  • Pro Motocross Racer

    Pro Motocross Racer

    Racing Games

    Motocross Racer, a new game with bikes and bike skills. The arrow keys will help you to move across the circuit. Press the space key to avoid the sand pits and other obstacles that might come in front of you. If you drive safely and if you avoid all the obstacles, you will get to play the next level.

  • Earn To Die

    Earn To Die

    Racing Games

    Drive some random cars on a planet full of zombies. Your mission is to reach the end of the level by defeating all the zombies. With the money that you earn buy new upgrades such as tires, a better engine, a weapons and drive for as long as possible. Have fun driving and killing zombies!

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